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When Steve, our managing director, was a little lad he would tell his teachers he was going to be a shed builder! That's what his Dad did and he thought it was brilliant.  


Fast forward a few years Steve was a landscaper. He was often asked if he could provide a shed to complete the landscaped garden. He would source a building from a manufacturer, but soon found out that there were very few companies willing to make to measure.


So, he began making his own!


He could make any size or style, but best of all he could make sheds which were far superior to most sheds on market by using materials that were fit for purpose and installation methods to ensure they were made to last!


And that's when our moto "Made to Measure, Made to Last" was born!




Our Story

We deliver & install in Yorkshire and many of the surrounding areas. 


Our garden buildings are made to measure and to the highest standard! Our product research is top priority. We know our buildings will stand the test of time because they are made with the best materials for the job & we can give you an abundance of research based knowledge on how to keep your building the best that it can possibly be. 


We have created many garden buildings, of all kinds. We specialise in odd shapes and sizes and are often told by our customers that we are the only company nationwide that can truly say "we will make your building to fit the space available", even if that area tapers, we can help!


Expect honest, friendly advice from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

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